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I welcome you to my site “A King in Ghana”. My name is

King Safrotwe Kakradae IV (also known as Odeneho Nana Obuobi Aduama III)

I am the ruler of the Aduana-Abrade clan which Originates from Akwapim South district of Ghana and at the same time the Kingmaker.

The various wars among the Akan tribes, which took place from the 15th to the 18th century, compelled some members of the clan to establish their homes, towns and villages outside the district, which today forms part of the Aduana-Abrade kingdom.

I see my kingship as my higher call and inner assignment to help to create a better and sustainable life for my people so that they can contribute actively to improve the world. Information about me, the people I serve, the people I work with, my vision, mission and my initiatives so far, can be found on this site.

Crowned as a king in 2007 by my people, my first goal was to gather good advisers around me who believe in my vision and who can, and are also willing, to help me transforming the vision I have for my people into reality.

I am proud to announce that 50% of my first goal has been realized. I am therefore inviting people all over the world, who believe in my vision and also have the capacity, the resources, good heart and intentions and respect for my culture, to deploy their passion and willingness to support me in any form, so I can arrive at the destination of my vision.

I want to create a harmonious environment and self supporting future for my people so that they can contribute actively to improve the world.

How can I achieve this? I will gather good advisers and people around me. We want to create a suitable environment to attract investors and therewith create job opportunities. We also want to help the youth to identify and develop their talents. Besides that. we will create a healthy environment and provide resources and good facilities for my people, like schools, health-care centre and proper sanitation. Moreover, we will provide micro credits to set up small businesses and affordable housing. (See for more information on this: The Foundation King in Ghana.) And not the least of all, we want to facilitate the influx of knowledge from all over the world to my people.

Read more on us and our work elsewhere on this site. We will be adding to it regularly. You are welcome at any time.

Greetings and thank you for your visit.

Nana Safrotwe Kakradae IV

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